Custom Made Orthotics & Gaitscan Biomechanical Assessment

After many years of treating patients, our physiotherapists have realised that many of the foot, lower limb and spinal injuries were either exacerbated or directly caused from the poor biomechanics in a person’s foot. Physiotherapists look at the whole lower body to determine the cause of injury, so it makes sense that when treating an injury we assess the correlation of the injury with the patient’s foot biomechanics.

In order to provide a thorough analysis, REHAB HQ invested in the “GAITSCAN” system which records the patients standing, walking and running timing sequence across a pressure plate in 3D. By using the “GAITSCAN” system it will allow the physiotherapists to determine if the injury the patient is presenting with is linked to their foot mechanics. The Gaitscan system makes a comparison on the patients foot function to “optimal” function and then generates a report showing these finding in various formats, some pictures in 3D.

From these scans we can order custom made orthotics which will correct biomechanical abnormalities. Orthotics are a proven way to treat foot and heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain as well as preventing injuries in the future.

We offer a variety of different orthotics to meet your needs including everyday use, sport-specific or diabetics. Our superb custom-made orthotics have a lifetime warranty on them and will allow patients to stop pain in its tracks. Many of our patients have already benefited significantly from their custom-made orthotics.